mandibular symphysis

mandibular symphysis
подбородочный симфиз

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  • mandibular symphysis — the joint between the left and right mandibles at the jaw tip …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • Symphysis menti — Bone: Symphysis menti Mandible. Outer surface. Side view. (Symphysis menti visible at left). Latin symphysis mandibulae Gray s …   Wikipedia

  • symphysis mandibularis — (plural symphysis mandibulares)) mandibular symphysis (the joint between the left and right mandibles at the jaw tip) …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • symphysis — (plural symphyses)) the joining point between two bones effected by cartilage allowing a slight movement, e.g. joint between the tips of the lower jaw bones, the mandibular symphysis …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • symphysis mandibulae — [TA] mandibular symphysis: the line of fusion in the median plane of the mandible that marks the union of the two halves of the mandible; called also s. mentalis and s. menti …   Medical dictionary

  • symphysis — 1. [NA] Form of cartilaginous joint in which union between two bones is effected by means of fibrocartilage. SYN: amphiarthrosis. 2. A union, meeting point, or commissure of any two structures. 3. A pathologic adhesion or growing together. SYN:… …   Medical dictionary

  • Mandibular foramen — Bone: Mandibular foramen Mandible. Inner surface. Side view. (Mandibular foramen visible at left.) Latin foramen mandibulae Gray s …   Wikipedia

  • Mandibular canal — Bone: Mandibular canal The permanent teeth, viewed from the right. The external layer of bone has been partly removed and the maxillary sinus has been opened. Gray s …   Wikipedia

  • Mandibular incisive canal — The mandibular incisive canal (indicated here by coral green arrows) continuing anteriorly (to the right) from the mandibular canal (purple arrows) after the mental foramen (light green circle). The mandibular incisive canal is a bony canal… …   Wikipedia

  • Mandibular notch — Bone: Mandibular notch Mandible. Outer surface. Side view. (Mandibular notch visible at upper right.) Latin incisura mandibulae Gray s …   Wikipedia

  • median mandibular point — a craniometric landmark, being the point at the center of the anterior part of the superior edge of the mandible, at the site of the former mandibular symphysis …   Medical dictionary